Navigating Walmart’s Shipping Label Requirements for Suppliers


Wandering through the maze of Walmart’s shipping label requirements can feel like decoding a complex puzzle. But worry not! We’re here to demystify the essentials for both pallet and case shipping labels. In this guide, we’ll break down the nitty-gritty details of pallet and case labels, including the non-negotiable SSCC-18 barcode, placement best practices, and the scoop on case shipping labels. By the end, you’ll be a pro at navigating Walmart’s logistics landscape, ensuring your products move seamlessly through their supply chain.


We will dive deep into Walmart’s shipping label requirements, focusing on what suppliers need to know for domestic pallet and case labels. We’ll explore the importance of the SSCC-18 barcode, the
specifications for label placement, and the recommended details to include on your labels. Plus, we’ll offer tips for ensuring your labels meet Walmart’s standards and discuss how to get support if you’re unsure about your labels. Ready to become a Walmart Fulfillment wizard? Let’s get started!

Walmart's Pallet Shipping Labels: Your Gateway to Distribution Excellence

A pallet label acts as your shipment’s ID card, telling Walmart’s complex logistics system exactly what’s inside and where it needs to go. Although Walmart plays it cool by not enforcing a specific format for this label, there’s one non-negotiable: the SSCC-18 barcode. This little string of digits is what ties your shipment’s identity together in the vast world of retail logistics.

But here’s a curveball – if you’re sending a mixed item pallet, ditch the idea of including the orderable GTIN in ITF-14 or GS1-128 formats on the label. Walmart’s not a fan of that for mixed items. And remember, slapping this label on at least two adjacent sides of your pallet – preferably in the upper right corner and snug between layers of stretch wrap – is the best practice that’ll have Walmart nodding in approval.


Walmart’s shipping label requirements for Pallet Label with SSCC-18 requires the following:

  •  Pallet labels (4″ x 6″) are required on at least 2 adjacent sides of the pallet, preferred on the upper right corner. It is best practice to place the label between layers of stretch wrap.
  • The use of SSCC-18 barcode does not negate the requirement of the orderable GTIN barcode at the case level.

Remember to adhere to specifications for pallet labeling and if you need any guidance please CONTACT US! We are glad to hear your fulfillment needs!

The Case for Case Shipping Labels: Details That Don't Miss the Mark

For starters, every case, no matter its journey – be it a small parcel shipment, a floor-loaded venture into eCommerce fulfillment, or a trip to Walmart Consolidation Center – needs a label that speaks Walmart’s language. And that language centers around the SSCC-18 barcode in GS1-128 format, with a recommended side serving of essential shipping details like your ship-from address, Walmart’s ship-to details, and the PO number, among others..

Walmart’s shipping label requirements for Case Label with SSCC-18 the requires the following:

  • Label Placement: Place case shipping labels left of center on the longest side of the case if possible. If the height of the case does not allow, place the shipping label on top of the case.
  •  If artwork or graphics printed on case do not allow for label placement left of center, alternative placement is acceptable.

Mastering Walmart's Shipping Label: Tips and Tricks

  • The SSCC-18 Barcode: This isn’t just any barcode; it’s the linchpin of your shipping label. Double, no, triple-check its accuracy.

  • Label Placement: Think of this as real estate; location matters. Upper right corners for pallets and left of center for cases – unless you’ve got a compelling reason to deviate.
  • Label Size Matters: While the 4″ x 6″ dimension is a comfy fit for most, adjust the size according to your case but keep that barcode scan-friendly.

When in Doubt, Reach Out: Got a label that’s keeping you up at night? PNPLINE can help you with barcode and labeling questions and concerns.


Q: Can I use a generic label template for Walmart shipments?

A: While Walmart doesn’t require a specific format, your label must include certain information and the SSCC-18 barcode. Customization to meet these requirements is key.

Q: What if my products have multiple SKUs on one pallet?

A: Mixed item pallets are allowed, but avoid including the orderable GTIN for the individual items in ITF-14 or GS1-128 formats on the label.

Q: How can I ensure my barcode scans correctly?

A: Consider testing your barcodes with a scanner before shipping. Walmart also offers a verification service via email ( to check barcode format accuracy.


Mastering Walmart’s shipping label requirements is essential for seamless logistics and a thriving partnership. Remember to adhere to specifications for pallet and case labels, ensuring accurate barcodes and proper placement. And for a hassle-free experience, consider using PNPLINE service for expert assistance with labeling and logistics. Happy shipping!

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