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PNPLINE is a Walmart 3PL provider with years of experience in retail store fulfillment.
Expand your sales channel without hassling over regulations and integrations.

How Do Walmart Fulfillment Services Work?

Walmart operates using an Omnichannel approach, allowing customers to purchase products both in-store and online. This requires collaboration between sellers and Walmart’s fulfillment service to seamlessly transit goods to the customer. Initially, small-scale sellers typically utilize Walmart’s Fulfillment service for online sales on Walmart Marketplace. However, as sales grow, Walmart begins accepting products to be sent directly to its stores, necessitating a blend of retail store shipments and direct-to-customer shipments.

Walmart 3PL Enrollment


First, complete the enrollment process, providing necessary details to become a part of Walmart’s extensive marketplace. 

Walmart 3PL Product Listing

Product Listings

Second, optimize your product information to attract customers, ensuring your offerings stand out in Walmart’s vast online market.

Walmart 3PL Order Processing

Order Processing

Next, Walmart’s system will notify you when a customer places an order for you to process your order for shipment.

Walmart 3PL Shipping & Tracking

Ship & Track

Lastly, leverage Walmart’s logistics, ensure timely delivery, enhance transparency with tracking.

Why work with PNPLINE

Choose PNPLINE as your trusted Walmart 3PL provider and boost your business with logistics expertise and nationwide capabilities. Specializing in retail store fulfillment, we show a proven track record as a leader in optimizing supply chains for seamless Walmart integration. 

Furthermore, our team’s in-depth knowledge of Walmart’s requirements ensures compliance and efficiency at every step of the fulfillment process. From order processing to on-time delivery, PNPLINE’s Retail Store Fulfillment Expertise guarantees a pleasant experience for your Walmart shipments.

What sets PNPLINE apart is our Nationwide Fulfillment Capabilities. With a strategically located distribution center in Texas, we ensure your products reach Walmart stores promptly and cost-effectively. In addition, we provide real-time visibility and control through our advanced technology and logistics solutions, simplifying the entire fulfillment journey. 

In overall, PNPLINE understands the importance of meeting Walmart’s high standards, and our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our services. By choosing PNPLINE, you not only gain a 3PL partner but a strategic ally dedicated to enhancing your Walmart fulfillment experience.

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Our Integration Capabilities

Our strength is not only in our seamless operations, but we also have cutting-edge technology to support your needs. Integrating complex systems can be a hassle to your business, and a lot of people take this process burdensome. However, with PNPLINE’s IT capabilities, you no longer have to worry about the complex process of system integration. Let us do the hard part, while you focus on growing your business.

Other Services

Walmart 3PL is not the only service that we offer. Take a look at all the logistics solutions that PNPLINE has to offer.
We provide customized fulfillment solutions to meet your needs in every way.

3PL Fulfillment

3PL Fulfillment

We provide nationwide fulfillment with customized solutions to fit your needs.

Amazon FBA & FBM

Amazon FBA & FBM

We specialize in compliance so that you don't have to move a muscle.

Global Shipping Available

Freight Forwarding

We offer competitive rates for international and domestic freight services.

Global Delivery

Customs Clearance

It isn't easy being compliant. We make it easy so you don't overpay.

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