processing product for refurbishment service

Refurbishment service

Tailored for refurbishment & Re-manufacturing program

Explore the same-as-new performance and reliability from a return at a fraction of the cost with PNPLINE’s refurbishment service.

A turnkey solution to manage your returns

Create additional sales opportunities by making returned products the same as new ones through refurbishment work or making them available for second-hand sales. Do not allow returns to weigh down your business.  Our returns management process maximizes your value.

How to start refurbish service with PNPLINE

1. Set

Set up the return destination to our warehouse

2. Supply

Provide us the components to replace throughout our skilled technicians.

3. Ship

We guarantee that all will be done In 2 days to ship back out

The Smart way to make revenue out of 0% return loss.


Minimize your concerns regarding returns. We will do the inspection, refurbishment, repackaging, and even ship back out to your customer for you.


dismantling electronics for refurbishment service

1. Increase Revenue

Increase revenue by recovering on returns with extended product life value in the remanufacturing system. You can also achieve cost savings on transportation through refurbishment services. Instead of paying for all logistics costs from the manufacturing facility again to fill inventory due to return losses, don’t overlook the potential value creation from your returns.

2. Reverse Logistics Solutions

Resolve the supply chain issues by leveraging return-generated inventory. No more risks with PNPLINE’s reverse logistics solutions.

Simplify the end-to-end logistics line from the manufacturing facility to the customer with the assistance of PNPLINE’s services. Many customers are considering refurbishment services for stable supply chain management.

refurbishment service allows distributed inventory

3. Sustainability Friendly

Mitigate landfill waste, carbon emissions to diminish the demand for additional raw materials.

On average, 20% of returned products are due to the customer’s simple changes of mind, and among all returns 70% can be transformed into new items with minimal refurbishment expert work.

Join the movement to preserve environmental waste and reduce carbon emissions with PNPLINE.

4. Return Oriented Technology

Utilize our return oriented technology for handling all transportation coordination via our in house logistics system. 

Once you’ve set the return address to our warehouse, just wait 2 days to see it turns an inventory. We take care to the tailored workflow. If you have any questions about the workflow, feel free to of inspection, product functionality testing, all the process according request assistance from PNPLINE’s experts at any time

refurbishment service involves technology

Q. I am familiar with refurbishing, but what is Remanufacturing?

Manufacturing makes supply chains vulnerable to disruptions from geopolitical, economic, transportation, or natural events. PNPLINE’s Last-Mile Remanufacturing approach mitigates these risks by the innovative return management systems, increasing supply chain resilience and enabling quicker adaptation and growth. Unlike refurbishment, remanufacturing means that a returned product goes through an inspection and testing process to make it in the same condition as when it was shipped from the manufacturing plant.

Returns Management

This includes receiving, testing, remanufacturing, even fulfillment. This includes receiving, inspection, testing, refurbish or remanufacturing, and even fulfillment with WMS system developed by PNPLINE

We guarantee that all orders are processed in 2 days to ship out !

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