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Amazon Fulfillment

We make Amazon 3PL easy

When it comes to Amazon FBA and FBM, it is a maze of regulations, restrictions, and fees. We make the setup process almost too easy. Plus, with the other services we offer, your business can reach other markets globally. Streamline your Amazon Fulfillment experience.

The Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder

Domestic sales have its perks, but once your revenue reaches its natural ceiling, your next logical step is to go international.  Amazon users are growing exponentially, and it is just going to get bigger. But, navigating the vast jungle we call Amazon, many can get overwhelming at times. When you add international shipping and regulations on top of it all,  it requires a certain specialized skill set that needs constant focus. PNPLINE’s Amazon FBA/FBM team is here to take care of every aspect of your shipping process, from anywhere in the world, direct to the relevant Amazon Fulfillment Center. 

We do the logistics, while you grow your business.

Our Amazon Fulfillment services

Air Freight

Cheaper Than Express And Quicker Than Ocean.

Ocean Freight

The most economic solution for larger shipments. Available with major ports. Delivered directly to FBA Warehouses.

Express Shipping

In 2-4 Days Or 5-7 Days (Economy).

Product Inspection

We provide inspection on your inventory at request with the specified instructions. 

Air Consolidation

Consolidating cargo similar to Less-Than-Container Load (LCL), but for air.

Logistics Planning

Reducing your shipment cost by delivering orders with the best routes and costs.  

Trucking & Delivery

Trusted partner trucking services that will transport your inventory to Amazon warehouses

Cross Docking

We provide streamlined transportation directly to the end destination.  

Customs Clearance

All the complex and mundane paperwork, clearance, compliance and product classification done for you by experts in the field. 

Your Amazon Needs In One Place

Our one stop shipping solutions include Amazon FBA and FBM services. PNPLINE’s team specializes in all the nuances that may be overlooked by many. Which may reduce the amount your business has to pay. With FBM we have a direct connection to Amazon, so when orders come in, we can ship it directly. to the customer, while for FBA we can ship it directly to Amazon.

Our Experience

Logistics is an ever-changing industry, where regulations and restrictions constantly change. Let us do this part, so you can do other things. To make the best decisions for your business needs, we recommend using Amazon’s Revenue Calculator.

The Services That Help You Scale