Port of Savannah: Novembers Monthly Record

Written by Stephanie Castaneda

Port of Savannah: Novembers Monthly Record

2021 was a year for all ports to reach their all time high. The port of Savannah has recently set a new monthly volume record in November consisting of “495,750 twenty-foot equivalent units”, “a 6.7% increase from November 2020”. This increase results from the ports attempt to escalate the import volume.

“Our employees along with Savannah’s stevedores, ILA members, truckers, river captains and many other transportation professionals have pulled together to handle record cargo volumes for an incredible 16 consecutive months,” stated GPA Executive Director Griff Lynch.

This expansion is in efforts to accommodate all the container ships that are venturing away from Southern California as ports are still heavily congested.

Pop-up container yards are also being established in order to relieve ports of congestion as well as have containers more easily accessible for truckers.


Source: Freightwaves.com