Amazon Airs Big US Hub Ready for Business

Written by Stephanie Castaneda

Amazon Airs Big US Hub Ready for Business

Operation at Amazon Airs primary package hub in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport has begun. This package hub will enable Amazon to speed up their line haul transportation and assist them meet their 1-day delivery to Prime members. An 800,000-square-foot sortation facility will be able to process millions of e-commerce packages each week. There are six other buildings, a large new ramp for aircraft parking, and a multistory vehicle garage on the 600-acre campus. Not only will this 800,000-square-foot facility benefit Prime members, but also the public as it will create 2,000 jobs available.

“The package center is equipped with robotic arms and mobile drive units that transport packages across the building, as well as miles of interconnected conveyors with interspersed workstations. Amazon said it will build a solar rooftop within the next year, with all energy generated feeding into the local electrical grid.“

Amazon has operated aircraft from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport for years now, however, the new sort hub and ramp space will increase flight activity there. “Analysts at DePaul University estimate the new hub will support 50 flights per day by year’s end, up from 28 daily flights before the expansion. It will have capacity to handle up to 200 flights per day when fully built out.”