FedEx Freight Reverses Service Suspension
Author: Stephanie Castaneda

FedEx Freight abruptly stopped truck pickups at many locations to aid overwhelmed terminals restore productivity levels. On June 11th, FedEx Freight essentially gave about 1,400 customers less than one business day's notice that their shipments would not be picked up. Hundreds of shippers, including big ones like Home Depot and Lowes are scrambling and doing anything they can in order to find some way to transport their products. Home Depot has even gone as far as reserving a ship for its own sole use. 

“FedEx Freight has taken the temporary action to implement targeted volume controls designed to minimize network disruptions and balance our capacity and demand to avoid backlogs across the country – particularly in the most capacity-constrained Freight service centers,” spokesperson Jim Masilak said. In a field of sunflowers, FedEx had to make the ultimate decision of which companies were to be weeded out. They have been working with selected customers to address capacity concerns. In Cleveland, customers were able to start shipping with FedEx Freight again at 50% of normal volume. This included shipments to all Lowe’s DCs. Caruso, president of Lakeshore Logistics, said he verified by phone that FedEx is actually resuming full normal service for those customers, including prepaid freight shipped to other locations besides those of Lowe’s.



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