Freight forwarding

Ocean Freight Forwarding

Container Forwarding FOr Our Warehouse Clients

  • INFOProvide us with
    the proper paperwork

  • FILEWe file and follow up with
    customs to make
    sure your shipment gets to the port

  • SHIPUpon shipment
    we coordinate pick up
    from the port at its arrival

Ocean Freight Forwarding

  • Cost Efficient

    Economical Methods Ocean Freight is one of the most economical techniques for transporting containers internationally. It provides clients an estimated time of arrival, giving them time to prepare plans with a third party logistics provider for additional services such as 3PL warehousing and order fulfillment services if needed. This form of transportation is vital to logistics system and is cost effective. PNPLINE is able to arrange full ocean freight forwarding service for our fulfillment center warehouse clients. Our extensive relationship with shipping lines allows us to provide you with a global carrier portfolio. Our networks have coverage on major ports with prime transit times for container forwarding needs. We also provide flexible scheduling for all ocean freight forwarding to meet your individual shipping needs.
  • Retail Oriented

    Retail Import and Export We offer retail importing and exporting options that is customizable based on the business needs for our warehouse clients. Best of all, you don’t need a full container to receive competitive rates and discounts. Whether you require transportation of a FCL (Full container load) or LCL (Less than container load), we can arrange full container forwarding to the United States from our trusted shipping carriers for all ocean freight forwarding. We can work to find various routes to see how we can ship your products in order to minimize cost while maximizing delivery time.
  • Finding Routes

    Vessel Booking Having to plan freight schedule for ocean freight forwarding can be overwhelming. From route planning to cost and time calculations, it can be a cumbersome process when dealing with container forwarding. At PNPLINE, we can handle all of this process and provide the vessel booking and delivery methods for all your products so that it can safely reach our order fulfillment center. Starting with the pick-up from the manufacturers and moving the items to customs than ports than warehouses and finally to its final destination - we figure out a full logistics plan to ensure safe and timely transportation of your products.

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