Freight forwarding

Air Freight Forwarding

Cargo Forwarding For Our Warehouse Clients

  • INFOProvide us with
    the proper paperwork

  • FILEWe file and follow up with
    customs to make
    sure your shipment gets to the port

  • TRANSPORTUpon shipment
    we coordinate pick up
    from the port at its arrival

Air Freight Forwarding

  • Time Sensitive

    Air Freight For our warehouse clients who need their shipments soon such as for time sensitive products or stocks that need to be replenished, air freight forwarding is a great transportation option. Whether its freights with unique capacity that require freighter aircrafts or items that need prompt shipping through commercial planes - we can customize the cargo forwarding options. With the air freight forwarding, trucking pick up service can be arranged for as well in order to provide a seamless connection from the manufacturer to our logistics warehouse.
  • Shipping Smart

    Competitive Rates Provide us with as much information as possible about your shipment so that we can find you the best possible rates for air freight forwarding needs. Detailed information will allow us to break down your specific needs and remove any unnecessary costs associated with handling cargo forwarding. For clients with larger shipments, we can arrange special discounts based off of monthly load estimates. We work around the clock to ship your products fast in cost efficient ways. Your products will be delivered on a timely basis from port to port, door to door – to ensure satisfaction for both you and your customers.
  • Reaching Worldwide

    International Shipment PNPLINE also offers transportation services between airports when using our air freight forwarding service. Clients have the option of arranging the drop off by themselves or they can have us make the transportation schedule directly to our order fulfillment center in NJ or to another party. We work with several trucking companies and can offer you options for freight transportation to corresponding airports. Regardless of the size of your business, our dedicated members will ensure that your cargo forwarding is flawless. International shipment becomes readily accessible using our diverse network of operators.

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