Handling inventories according to customers needs

  • ReceivingOur employees receive
    your items in our warehouse

  • SortingWe determine the product set up
    based on your instructions

  • ShippingProducts are shipped out
    according to customers requests

Inventory Management Done Right

  • Expiration Sensitive

    FIFO First In, First Out (FIFO) is ideal for items with expiration dates or limited/seasonal labeling. You can trust us to rotate your products, check the expiration dates and contact you in the case that we have to discard any products. Using FIFO optimization can be time and cost saving for your order fulfillment. Quality checks are regularly carried out in our fulfillment center in NJ as it is important for customers to know that their products are flawless and up to standard.
  • Seasonal Items Oriented

    LIFO Last In, First Out (LIFO) is great for seasonal items. For those with seasonal packaging, the standard packaging will be set aside or put in the back of the inventory until seasonal items are used, or as a last resort. This is important for holidays, promotions, or a shift in packaging to see how consumers respond. LIFO logistics can be arranged in our order fulfillment center and you can trust us to help you each step of the way.
  • Standardized Methods

    Rotating Inventory Control Our warehouse employees are highly trained to fully comply with rotating inventory control methods. Rotating inventory is important for perishable products such as food items. Clients who sell food products on online retail sites and require shipping such as Amazon drop shipping will need rotating inventory control for maximum shelf live. Based on our clients requests and the products, we can figure out where and how to stock the inventories for optimal expiration period. This will allow you to maximize product life and reduce costs in your end.

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