Logistics Warehousing Solutions

IT system based storage warehouse service

  • ReceivingOur trained warehouse
    employees will carefully
    receive all items

  • InventoryItems are safely secured
    in our logistics warehouse
    and stored accordingly

  • OrderItems are carefully
    packed and shipped
    to their destinations

Inventory storage warehouse service

  • WMS through technology

    Warehousing Simplified PNPLINE offers an online based inventory management system for our 3PL warehousing service. Our system has been developed over time to decrease the logistics hassles and also give our clients visibility of their inventories in our storage warehouse. Using our inventory system ensure two things – accurate inventory count and consistent inventory updates. Any new additions or shipment outs to your inventories will be recorded in our system and you will be alerted of all changes, allowing you to be on top of your inventory status. 3PL warehousing becomes accurate and simple.
  • Real-Time Control

    Full Inventory Monitoring Our logistics warehouse is updated 24/7 and fully monitored. This allows our customers to have a simple and straightforward 3PL warehousing experience. Customers can locate their products using our real-time integrated storage warehouse map. If an order is issued, all processes starting from order acceptance to shipping will be updated promptly to inform you of the status changes. No matter the task – whether for inventory checking or pick and pack - warehousing becomes simplified using our integrated fulfillment inventory management system.
  • Orders Fulfilled

    Pick and Pack Specialized Warehouse conditions and layouts are important factors when determining functionality and process times. Our warehouse fulfillment center in NJ is optimally set up and conditioned for logistics fulfillment and we specialize in pick and pack for retail services such as Amazon 3PL. From our 3PL warehousing order fulfillment center, pick and pack is carried out in a systematic manner. We store products to make access easy for our warehouse members. This allows us to instantly pick and pack items when an order is received from our inventory management system. Our real-time warehouse tracker helps locate your inventory quickly and therefore, shorten the lead time when getting your products out to your customers.

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