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How RFID Can Ensure Product Quality and Reduce Recalls

Anthony 7/17/2015 9:34:21 AM

You can't tackle the problem of product recalls without data. From a logistics standpoint, visibility is key. That means having access to critical data at the right time. With the recent spate of supply-chain disruptions, including natural disasters in Japan and Thailand, and congestion at West Coast ports, companies are beginning to realize the value of knowing exactly where their products are at any given moment. Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is proving to be a valuabl....
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For Supply Chain the Cloud Is Still on the Horizon

Anthony 7/13/2015 10:41:01 AM

For all its promise of lower cost and easier management of software applications, cloud technology has yet to be fully embraced by supply chain managers.   Cloud computing – the notion that information systems can reside and be managed at a location remote from the user – is at least 20 years old. Virtual private networks first came into being in the 1990s. successfully brought the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model to customer relationship management in 1999. Big I.T. vendors....
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Merging IT Systems With 3PL Logistics For Management

Christian 6/11/2015 2:22:25 PM

  Examples of applied IT Methods of Acknowledging goods Because the logistics is all about the physical products, it is ideal to identify what and where the product is by attaching informations straight to the product. IT within logistics field has been unified globally as ADIC (automatic Identification and Data Capture) technology.  AIDC contains mark identifications such as OMR, OCR (first generation barcodes), and RFID (the second generation barcode). The cost of RFID is bit higher th....
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