COVID-19 / 100,000 Masks Donation charity
Author: Larry Han

Who are we?

PNPLINE is a local 3-PL logistics company, which provides one-stop, hassle-free, technology-integrated services. Being Christian-based company, we have been trying our best to help communities via our affiliated organization, Give Chances. Our ultimate goal is not to make billions of dollars, but to bring positive effects in the society and humbly serve others.  

PNPLINE can help! 

PNPLINE can access surgical masks at a reduced cost with a help from a supplier. Additionally, because we are a logistics company, our strengths are handling the shipment and distributing. All the donations we receive will go toward local hospitals to protect our doctors and nurses, our heroes! Please do not hesitate, any amount can help. As the saying goes, small things make big difference! 
To help us support medical professionals and fight the COVID-19, please donate using the QR code below and link.

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