Growing As A Third Party Logistics Provider
Author: Anthony Joh

            When selecting a 3PL (third party logistics) provider, technology has become an important aspect to meet the timely requirements for additional volume transactions on order fulfillment services. As a result, 3PL (third party logistics) providers must continually invest in their technology to ensure that they don't fall behind from the competition.

            Third party logistics providers need to work with other supply chain partners and vendors in order to be able to provide real-time data and forecasts while also being able to promptly handle various issues. Third party logistics providers should be mindful and work to grow into a 4PL organization and prepare to serve as an integrated end-to-end solutions provider. This is important as many manufacturers require 3PL services to extend beyond a single distribution point. Manufacturers seek an organization that can serve all the 3PL needs with additional operational and customer service abilities through the means of an integrated platform.

            What third party logistics providers can offer to small businesses are core order fulfillment services. This allows small business to compete with larger companies, as they continue to push their boundaries in order to quickly deliver a product based off an online order.

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