Understanding The Importance Of Continuous Improvement
Author: Anthony Joh

Organization and individuals. 
They are both dependendt on each other and very much related. We have to understand the importance of continuous improvement is not only for individuals but equally important for organizations as well. Continous improvement can be deemed as a culture that should be emphasized on both the employer and employees. Instead of pointing fingers and blaming when a situation arises, we need to understand the issue and work collectively to implement a positive change.

The concept of continuous improvement does not only apply to logistics companies but for all companies and organizations in whole. We can best sum up this theory into four points:

1. Understading the culture of a business / organiztion

Through Psychology, it has been proven that human beings in general do not react to changes in a positive manner. They are accustomed to being a routine cycle and perfer following a routine cycle of daily activities. Understanding this point is important and both emplyers and emplyees need to anticipate and embrace changes and adjust accordingly to new situations.

2 The importance of leaders

Understanding the importance and the role of leaders is crucial in any business. A leader needs to be vocal, assertive and accepting - a title does not define a leader but following characteristics make leaders stand out from their peers:

- Effective communication
- Leadership in independent and group situtaions 
- Flexibility and ability to mold acording to various instances
- Commitment as in individual and a member
- Coherence with rules, regulations and self-discipline

3. Recognition

Recognizing employee contributions - no matter the size is vital to moral boost and focus from individuals. A collective movement of individuals as team from positive recognition will result in a positive outcome for the organization as well.

4. Role of management support

Similar to the impotance of leaders, having management support is vital to success. Culture can be defined as mentality, values, aim and business practices that define an organization. The managmeent support is the backbone to implement a positive culture. Positive culture will enable individuals to reflect on continuous improvements as positive changes that benefits everyone.

So how do you go about this? Put it into practice right away instead of delaying it to the next day, and the day after and so on and so forth. The best way to go about new practices is to embrace the urgency and to start right away.

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