Amazon Quietly Builds Its Own Shipping Company
Author: Shazary Chirino

            The expansion for amazon seems to be endless. They reportedly purchased 25% stake in the French company in 2014 and now is buying the rest of it, which means their trying to take over the international market as well. Of course amazon didn’t stop there they also purchased 4.2% stake in Yodel a U.K shipping service.
            Amazon is leasing a jet to fly packages daily between its hub in Poland and Germany but that’s not there only plans with the jet, they plan to launch an air freight service with it. They are also trying to lease 20 767s from Boeing in order to transport cargo throughout the United States. With all these major investments Amazon is currently doing they might be starting one of the biggest delivery companies.
            Amazon isn’t likely to stop there now in many parts of the country, Amazon packages customers’ orders, sorting them by ZIP code and then trucks the sorted packages to a nearby U.S. Postal Service facility which takes care of the final leg of the delivery. Basically what they’re doing is creating their own carrier. Overall, Amazon is taking its growing logistics to the next logical step which is transporting and delivering packages they pick and pack. 

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