Amazon’s E-commerce Dominance
Author: Shazary Chirino

Amazon’s influence and control over the region has been exceedingly influential in the logistics industry. With Amazon’s, and e-commerce rapid growth can cause logistic service providers to start losing their clients. The problem has to do with amazon having such high volume of orders. Meaning logistics companies cannot afford to cut relationships with e-commerce without losing most of their shipments going out.
In order for logistic service providers to stay relevant in the industry they would need to have a great involvement with technology.  According to Ti Economist Global “Any provider that establishes a strong reputation in e-commerce logistics and finds a formula which yields a consistently decent margin is set for years of success.”   
The logistics field is rapidly changing with much more competition then before. In order to stay relevant and be successful while competing with Amazon you need to have a great IT staff, excellent customer services, and be more economical then other logistic service providers.

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