Rise Of Machines Can Solve Labor Shortage In Japan
Author: Shazary Chirino

Many people believe that machines can take jobs away from people but in Japan they have a different outlook on it. The prime minister believes that it can help with the growth of the elderly, shrinking workforce and public dislike to immigration. So far the country has spent 5.5 billion dollars on robots for their power house.
The robots can pick up to about 10,000 items per hour with almost perfect accuracy. Which is making the picking process in the warehouse so much faster and efficient.  These robots are making warehouse jobs for workers easier and less stressful because, they have hand-held device to read the product bar-codes. The scanner then tells them how many boxes to grab and where to put them.
They also made a robot called HAL that detects signals from the person’s brain to their muscles and helps with movement, reducing physical effort, for factory and construction workers, it means less stress and less injuries on the job. Warehouse owners believe that these robots can ease backaches for older workers and most of all, attract younger employees by adding a cool touch to dusty sweaty factory jobs.
Many facilities are turning to automation and machinery to boost efficiency and lower the burden on their workers. Even though the cost of having one of these robots in the warehouse are extremely high there working on bringing the cost lower to help the logistics industry work ten times more efficient. 

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