The Importance of Warehouse Technology
Author: Eileen Verosky

When looking for a new warehouse, many customers overlook the benefits of using a Warehouse Technology System. These systems allow clients to easily transfer information to the warehouse without using unreliable emailing techniques. Let’s look at some ways that having technology present in the warehouse can help both clients and warehouses:
  1. In a warehouse, technology’s use is imperative in managing inventory and unit counts, not only for clients, but warehouse staff as well. Inventory tracking is an up to the minute method that keeps operations moving as clients will know immediately if orders can be fulfilled with the stock that’s on hand. They will know when and what to replenish at a glance.
  2. Movement reports are a great tool for sales tracking. You can distinguish sales trends by using graphs and charts associated with outgoing orders through the warehouse. Programs can easily display information for analyzing the data in relation to shower seasons or promotional events.
  3. Easily creating a way to communicate with your warehouse without having to email and call for every order, special instructions, and order statuses. It saves both parties time and eases any miscommunication that can come about when using several methods of communication.
  4. Keeping records of tracking numbers and automatically send customized template to customers. When orders are sent out, systems can be set up to send a template of your choice to your customers so that they have up to date tracking info. On the other hand, clients will have tracking info for their own purposes as well. It keeps everyone on the same page!
It’s easy to see why using a Warehouse Technology System might be of benefit, especially for a busy company or a company planning to expand soon. Having time for more important things like focusing on growth is important, and that’s exactly the time to start looking for prospective warehouses with a reliable system.

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