How To Grow Your Business Through Amazon
Author: Eileen Verosky

Amazon is not only a successful company, but promises success to smaller, independent companies as well. They provide the tools and the technology to allow anyone with a valued product to enter the Amazon Marketplace.
Here PNPLINE has put together a few tips and tricks to make the most of your potential Amazon business ventures:

Make sure that the product isn’t a BANNED brand! 

Sometimes brands like Nike and Sony will tell Amazon that they don’t want anyone else to sell their products but them. It’s an agreement between the company and Amazon and if you cross Amazon you’ll surely get kicked off. Our recommendation is to double check with wholesalers that you can sell their product on Amazon. Otherwise, you could get stuck with a lot of inventory and nowhere to sell!
Make sure to send orders out on time! 

After customers place an order, they are given an estimated time frame that their product will arrive. Nothing effects metrics more than bad shipping practices. Avoid the drama by scheduling times to ship and setting a cut off time every day to handle those shipments. For larger operations, some sellers recruit a warehouse or 3PL company to take care of logistics. Experienced 3PL companies know how to process orders fast and efficiently and you get to avoid a trip to the Post Office.
Make sure you utilize your seller central account! 

Metrics, reviews, customer comments and complaints, mailing issues, the list goes on and on. Make sure you check your feedback for complaints about missing products or shipping issues. Seller central gives sellers a wide scope to view online sales, payment info, and alerts for potential account disasters!
Don’t let a customer get too impatient with a return or refund! 

Don’t forget to check your messages even on vacation! Returns and refunds wait for no one. If a customer becomes overly eager or impatient, they can contact Amazon in an effort to obtain a refund faster. This will result in a drop in account metrics which could end your Amazon career all together. If you see yourself going on vacation several times per year, you may want to not ditch the technology all together and make sure to keep those eager customers happy.
Consider a 3PL warehouse specialized in the Amazon system! 

A company like PNPLINE has a system that is integrated with seller accounts without compromising bank info and personal data. That means our clients can concentrate on performance and marketing while we can keep track of inventory and shipments. You can see evaluations of sales movement and also schedule wholesale shipments through other sales outlets. Many sellers do not want to pay the hefty price Amazon charges for storage and shipping though FBA. Definitely consider a 3PL warehouse when your business is ready for it!

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