Seven Best Practices for Supply Chains in 2025
Author: Anthony Joh

The next general of supply-chain risk management will deploy the quantitative analytical tools that are widely used today in global banking, said Anthony Tarantino, a senior consultant in supply-chain and operational excellence to Cisco Systems, Inc. So bring on the number crunchers.

But every successful supply-chain initiative involves a blending of technology and business-process change. Speaking at a recent global trade seminar in Palo Alto, Calif., hosted by the law firm of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, Tarantino laid out seven best practices that can help businesses to weather the storms they’re likely to encounter in the next 10 years. Here they are:

Centers of excellence. Nothing new here – businesses have been piloting such initiatives in one form or another for years. Typically, they involve multi-disciplinary teams that are charged with addressing a specific issue. Tactics include the standardization of business processes and continuing education of key managers.

But a true center of excellence can be a “political lightning rod,” said Tarantino. “It’s not a slam-dunk to create one that’s successful.” It must have strong executive sponsorship and be reporting at a relatively high level within the company’s management structure.

“If a CoE is buried within the organization,” said Tarantino, “it will lack independence to make the tough calls and defy the status quo.”

A hybrid supply-chain organization. Companies tend to seesaw between the extremes of centralization, which promotes efficiency and controls costs, and decentralization, which provides flexibility and quicker time to market. The answer lies somewhere in the middle. “History has shown that a rigid application of either approach is not going to work,” said Tarantino. Yet achieving the perfect balance is a constant challenge for every organization.


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