How RFID Can Ensure Product Quality and Reduce Recalls
Author: Anthony Joh

You can't tackle the problem of product recalls without data.

From a logistics standpoint, visibility is key. That means having access to critical data at the right time. With the recent spate of supply-chain disruptions, including natural disasters in Japan and Thailand, and congestion at West Coast ports, companies are beginning to realize the value of knowing exactly where their products are at any given moment.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is proving to be a valuable tool for monitoring product quality. The use of active RFID by the U.S. Department of Defense involves tags with sensors that collect information on location, temperature, humidity, shock, tilt and vibration of items during shipment.

In the most basic application of RFID, data can be accessed by a reader when a shipment reaches destination, producing a detailed history and audit trail. It becomes a real-time reporting system with the addition of satellite or Wi-Fi communications. In that manner, says Souders, key status information can be immediately conveyed to the shipper.


The following article has been published by Supply Chain Brain on Jun. 17, 2015 
    Author - Robert J. Bowman 

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