For Supply Chain the Cloud Is Still on the Horizon
Author: Anthony Joh

For all its promise of lower cost and easier management of software applications, cloud technology has yet to be fully embraced by supply chain managers.


Cloud computing – the notion that information systems can reside and be managed at a location remote from the user – is at least 20 years old. Virtual private networks first came into being in the 1990s. successfully brought the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model to customer relationship management in 1999. Big I.T. vendors such as IBM and Oracle Corp. have unveiled comprehensive cloud-based frameworks within this decade.

Over that time, the cloud has come to be embraced by multiple apps, both in the business and consumer sectors. (In the latter, Apple and others have been trying to push buyers of entertainment content into the cloud.) Acceptance in the supply-chain arena, however, has been slower in coming.


The term “cloud” can mean several things. Goyal laid out three options:

--Public cloud services, where Oracle hosts and manages the applications, as well as owns the software license change control;

--Managed cloud services, where Oracle acts as app host and manager, but the customer owns the license change control, and

--Business process services, where outside partners conduct hosting and application management, while the customer retains ownership of change control.


The following article has been published by Supply Chain Brain on Feb. 02, 2015 
    Author - Robert J. Bowman 

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