Merging IT Systems With 3PL Logistics For Management
Author: Christian Moon

  • Examples of applied IT
Methods of Acknowledging goods
Because the logistics is all about the physical products, it is ideal to identify what and where the product is by attaching informations straight to the product. IT within logistics field has been unified globally as ADIC (automatic Identification and Data Capture) technology.  AIDC contains mark identifications such as OMR, OCR (first generation barcodes), and RFID (the second generation barcode). The cost of RFID is bit higher than other IT applied barcode options, therefore RFID is widely used for recycling pallets, container boxes, and shelves throughout the field.
Acknowledging flow of the goods
In logistics, good always moves. IT has been developing wireless technology to comprehend the location of the goods in transit. Transporting goods can be acknowledged by MCA (Multi Channel Access) or, GPS / mobile data services are also options. Inside of the center, wireless LAN / PHS (Personal Handyphone System) is widely used in various forms.
Exchange of data of logistics exchange
Standard data exchange methods are EDI. However, cost and efficiency of EDI became the most critical problem for most of small-mid sized companies.
  • Logistics and e-business
E-business, the creator of another dimension of BtoC type, is commonly known as virtual market. Therefore, e-business cannot stand alone without logistics which makes product cycling within the market. This is main reason why 3PLs have to concentrate on processing e-business transactions. Not only the managing of transition of the good is important but also the process and exchange of the data is critical point as well. Therefore, it is inevitable to talk about 3PL amongst the field of  E-business.
  • Logistics information system
Logistics information system means adoption of IT for each and individual logistics processes. The compositions are below.
  • Purchase order / order
  • WMS
    • Ship in / receiving
    • Inventory tracking
    • Picking and packing
    • Added value processes
    • Shipment out /  fulfillments
  • Transportation
  • Warehouse labor managing system
  • Management analysis system
  • International logistics system
    • Import, export, customs

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