Using PNPLINE B2B site to ship to Amazon FBA

*Before using the B2B system to ship to Amazon FBA, you need to first grant developer access to PNPLINE. Click HERE for instructions.*

You now know how to ship to Amazon FBA center from Amazon Seller Central. Easy right? Well guess what - using PNPLINE's B2B website makes shipping even much easier. You can bypass multiple steps and complete the shipment in two simple steps. Let's take a look.



Go to and login to your account

Log in from PNPLINE B2B site to start shipping to Amazon FBA

Create New Shipment

Once logged in, look on the menu on the left. Select Shipment and then Shipment Out. Once in, click on the Create New Shipment

Sending Shipment Out is to Amazon FBA is made easy using PNPLINE's B2B system

Choose the Products

From the item list on the left, click the item(s) that you want to send. Select the quantity amount and than check the Amazon FBA button on the lower left and click next.

Choose your inventory product list for creating a shipment out order for Amazon FBA


Confirm FBA Information

From the drop menu on the left, select the country. Note that with United States, you can choose either SP or LTL. Select the appropriate Shipment Type and check the Amazon shipping charge terms and conditions box and click on Create FBA Inbound Shipment.

Choose between SP (small parcel) or LTL (less than truckload) for your shipment out type



And you're done! See how quick and simple that was compared to creating the FBA Shipment from Amazon Seller Central? By using the PNPLINE B2B site, you can bypass a lot of steps to make sending products to Amazon FBA quick and simple.