How to Ship to Amazon FBA

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Looking at the Amazon FBA Seller Central page can be daunting at first. There are rows of data and multiple menus that you can click on and it may seem confusing at first . Don't worry - this manual will guide you with the steps involved to send your items to Amazon FBA center. Let's get started.

  1. Seller Central Account
    1. Logging-In
    2. Dashboard
  2. Inventory Management
    1. Summary Page
    2. Categories
  3. Sending an Order
    1. Set Quantity
    2. Prepare Products
    3. Label Products
    4. View and Review Shipments
    5. Prepare Shipment
      • Review Shipment Contents
      • Shipping Service
      • Shipment Packing
      • Shipping Charges
      • Shipping Labels

Seller Central Account

1.1 Logging-In:
Go to the seller central account at Log in using your e-mail and password

1.2 Dashboard:
Once logged in, you will be taken into seller central dashboard page that shows a breakdown of your current inventory status.Look for the menu button which looks like this at the top:

Inventory Management

Summary Page:

Move the mouse over to inventory and click on Manage FBA Inventory. You will be taken into your Amazon Fulfilled Inventory summary page. Take a look at the image below:




There are 10 headings in the top menu. Definitions are listed below for reference purposes:

- Merchant SKU - The SKU number of your inventory and products that you are selling

- Title - Item explanation as shown on the sales page in This is the tile of how your items are listed on Amazon

- Condition - Physical condition of the item. Can be New, used, etc.

- Price - Price of item in listing

- Inbound - Number of items that are currently on the way to Amazon FBA center

- Fulfillable - Number of items that are available to ship from Amazon FBA center

- Unfulfillable - Items that cannot be shipped due to the product quality - ex. Damaged, defect etc.

- Reserved - Number of items that are set aside as pending orders or for verification purposes

- Fee Preview - Fee amount for the products

- Unit Volume - Volume unit of the product in cubic feet

Keep in mind that scrolling all the way to the bottom will let you see next pages if you have additional inventories. There is a drag-drop menu on the left of the screen with actions you can take by selecting specific or all items.

Let's move on.

Sending an Order

Now - the first step in sending an item to Amazon FBA center:

3.1 Steps in Sending:

From the list, check the item that you want to send to Amazon Fulfillment Center. Clicking on the Merchant SKU will give you a breakdown of the single item.

After checking the item you want to send, click on the send/replenish inventory option on the top and hit go.

The steps will be in this sequence:



3.2 Set Quantity

You will be taken to the send/replenish inventory page. Choose the shipping plan you want and verify the address. Finally, select the Packing Type between case-packed products and individual products. The difference between the two products are as follows:

Individual Products - packaging could vary - ex. 10 products could go as 1 box = 10 items or 1 box = 5 items => 2 boxes etc.

Case-Packed Products - packed in cases in specific count amount - ex. 1 box = 10 items, 1 box = 20 items etc.

Once done, click continue.


3.3 Prepare Products

Next page will ask you if there are prep required for your items. If you have specific requirements, fill out accordingly. If not, click continue.


3.4 Label Products

Next page is for labeling. Here, you can choose the option of labeling the products yourself (Merchant) or having Amazon do it for you (Amazon).

In the instance where you are shipping mixed inventory, you can choose to label some by yourself and the others by Amazon. Or if you prefer to keep it the same, just select have it done all by one party, select apply to all.


3.5 View and Review Shipments

Review the item detail and the shipping location. Depending on the popularity of the item, the item may ship to either one or to multiple locations. Click on view shipment contents to get more information. After reviewing, click on approve shipment. This will bring you to the view shipments menu where you can click on work on shipment.


3.6 Prepare Shipment

This page has five steps. Let's go through them one step at a time:

- Review Shipment contents - as titled, you can review and make modifications to your shipment here

- Shipping Service - Choose between small parcel delivery (SPD) or less than truckload (LTL) and choose the shipping carrier. Choose from either Amazon UPS or other carrier.

- Shipment Packing - this has two choices - everything in one box or multiple boxes

- Everything in one box - enter the box weight and fill in the dimensions

- Multiple box - choose the method on how you will provide the box content information - when complete, click on shipping charges

- Shipping Charges - Check on the details of the box and the estimated shipping cost. Check the I agree to the terms and conditions box to move on

- Shipping Labels - Review and hit print box labels to finalize and click on complete shipment. Lastly - click marked as shipped



And you're done. To send another shipment, repeat the steps above.