How to integrate with Shopify

1. Register App and get APP information

Please follow the link.
 : Create the private app name pnpline and give permission to the app

- Permission list

*Please send a API key and password information to PNPLINE after creating app and wait for the PNPLINE to be set up

2. Change fulfillment service of Products

   Change the order fulfillment service of every item into Pnpline  at the product info page, for pnpline to process

3. How to configure the webhook setting

Please follow the link.

Callback URL Format


event - [Type]/[Action] 

Fulfillment creation - Fulfillments/Create
Fulfillment update - Fulfillments/Update
Product creation - Products/Create
Product deletion - Products/Delete
Product update - Products/Update
Refund create - Refunds/Create

 * Use the CompanyInfo that PNPLINE gave.

4. Change settings to auto fulfill your orders.

Please follow the link.
Check Notify customers of their shipment. if you want to send shipping notice to the customers