How to Create a Shipment Out Order

Now for creating Shipment Out orders using PNPLINE's B2B website -


Go to and login to your account

Create shipment out 3PL orders easily using PNPLINE B2B

Select Shipment Out and Choose Create New Shipment

Once logged in, look on the menu on the left. Select Shipment and then Shipment Out. Click the Create New Shipment on the top right corner.
Select the shipment out option from our B2B site to create your order

Choose the Products

From the item list on the left, click the item(s) that you want to send. Select the quantity amount and than click next.

Select from your product inventory list to create a shipment in order to our warehouse center

Fill in the Address Information

Fill out the Shipping Address and finalize by clicking the Save Shipping Address on the bottom.

Fill out the shipping address info and finalize your shipment out orders using PNPLINE's B2B system

And you are done! You've just created a Shipment Out order using PNPLINE's B2B system.