Here, you will find various manuals and guides that will simplify your business needs.

Knowing how to send products to Amazon FBA Fulfillment Center or giving API access to a developer to link your Amazon account with an outside system can be confusing without proper explanations. Our manuals will give you step by step directions so that you can learn and also share these information with the others.

You will also see explanations about PNPLINE's B2B online IT system and see the benefits of using our system for all your logistics service needs. Our site has been designed to simplify the processes so that you can meet all your order fulfillments and have us handle all 3PL logistics processes such as freight forwarding and warehousing service all right from our location here in the New York New Jersey metropolitan area, and our second location in the Los Angeles, California area. 

We will continuously add useful information - and we would love to here your suggestions as well! 
If you have confusions or complications regarding ordering, linking or any other order related questions, feel free to contact us. What is confusing or cumbersome for you is likely to be the same for the others so we want to provide guides and show the benefits of using our B2B site. Below is a list of just some of the retailers and shipping carrier systems that we work with:

    Amazon FBA fulfillment orders from seller central using PNPLINE B2B system       Inventory shipping and management for eBay directly from our New York New Jersey warehouse      Use our IT system to manage your Groupon inventory - LIFO FIFO shipping on orders all made possible        Inventory management made easy through PNPLINE 3PL logistics service

                         PNPLINE offers UPS shipping for your 3PL logistics needs                 PNPLINE receives discounted rates from FedEx that applies for our customers              USPS options available for B2B and B2C orders

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