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4422 E Airport Dr unit c, Ontario, CA 91761

The Ontario warehouse is a dedicated space located in the very busy industrial area of Southern California known as the Inland Empire.

It is said there are over 1 billion square feet of industrial space within 5miles of the Ontario Airport, and we are part of that.

The I-10 freeway is less than 1/2 mile from the logistics warehouse and is known as one of the busiest trucking corridors in the country.

The Port of LA is 50 minutes west and rail is available within 3 miles of the warehouse.


PNPLINE AT KOREA 한국 서비스 살펴보기

경기도 군포시 당정동 522

PNPLINE KOREA 소재지인 경기도 군포시 당정동은 지하철 1호선 당정역에서 700m 내에 위치해 있어 접근이 용이합니다

경부선과 47번 국도를 지나가고, 의왕IC, 군포IC, 금정IC등 쉽게 접근이 가능합니다. 인천공항까지는 60분이내에 도착이 가능하여 물류창고로서 최적의 입지 조건을 갖추고 있습니다


PNPLINE at Northvale, NJ

235 Pegasus Ave, Northvale, NJ 07647

The Northvale warehouse located in heart of Northvale and next to Palisades Pkwy which will 40 min get to major terminals and airport near New York port.

The Palisades Pkwy is less than 7 miles from the warehouse.


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