B2C fulfillment

Business to Consumers

B2C Integrated Fulfillment Solutions

  • INFOUpload your customers
    order to our system with
    exact ship date

  • ORDEROrders are accepted on
    our system and
    shipping labels are printed

  • PICKWe pick and pack
    your orders and prepare
    items for shipment

  • SHIPWe ship out your orders
    to the destination

  • TRACKINGWe add tracking information
    for all orders

B2C orders simplified

  • You to the customers

    Online Customer Focused Do you have an e-commerce business requiring eFulfillment services for several orders per day? Having to track and handle B2C orders in large amounts can be overwhelming. B2C order fulfillment services involve inventory shipment directly from you to the customers and PNPLINE can fully handle the pick and pack to deliveries of inventories with minimal work in your end. We specialize in accelerated B2C order fulfillments through integrated fulfillment capabilities from our order fulfillment center. We work around the clock to meet your B2C logistics needs for complete eFulfillment service.
  • Integrated Fulfillment

    Online Inventory Management Integrating your database with PNPLINE’s inventory management system for integrated fulfillment purposes can simplify B2C logistics. IT system integration can minimize costs while providing quicker shipping times that can greatly improve customer satisfaction to benefit your business. Direct from our inventory warehouse, we can handle all of the order processes - receiving, storage, pick and pack to delivery. Our inventory management system minimizes the down time and errors while maximizing the process speed to ensure your B2C logistics and 3PL fulfillment are handled impeccably.
  • Order Specialized

    Promotions & Deals Do you run flash deals or promotions? Do you run these events through Groupon, Retail Me Not or other retail sites? Having to ship out orders for promotions can be difficult – from shipping large order quantities to meeting the anticipated shipping time frame – bulk orders from promotions and deals can take a lot of B2C logistics work in your end so leave it to us. Our drop shipping system will provide you with the most convenient methods to handle all your eFulfillment service orders when running promotions and deals. PNPLINE can handle all of the B2C logistics bulk orders through integrated fulfillment so you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed from frequent promotions and deals.

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