E-commerce fulfillment


B2B Order Management

  • INFOUpload your customers
    order to our system with
    the ship date

  • ORDERThe orders are then
    accepted into our system
    and we will pring out
    the shipping labels

  • PICKWe then pick and pack
    your order and
    prepare them

  • SHIPWe ship out
    your orders to
    the final destination

  • TRACKINGWe add tracking information
    on our system
    for all orders

B2B Shipping Solutions

  • Connecting Businesses

    Online Business Focused Shifting your focus from customers to businesses? Not a problem. We can provide efficient and effective B2B solutions across all industries and product types – regardless the size, weight or location right from our order fulfillment center. Simply integrate your account with PNPLINE’s B2B system and we will read and work with your database in order to ensure that details are met on all orders. eFulfillment for B2B orders and inventory shipping is simplified through our integrated fulfillment system. Choose PNPLINE as your third party logistics provider for B2B logistics to free up your time for other important aspects of your business.
  • Technology Centralized

    B2B System Integration Reduce the steps involved in handling all your B2B orders through system integration. PNPLINE’s integrated fulfillment system allows us to handle your B2B order related logistics work - from order confirmation to label printing to pick and pack. We understand the delicate nature of properly handling, transporting and delivery B2B orders and our goal is to meet all these 3PL fulfillment needs for your business. Using PNPLINE’s inventory management system for B2B orders lets you bypass several steps when shipping to Amazon FBA or creating shipment in or shipment out orders.
  • B2B Specialists

    Help Readily Available We are here to answer any and all of your B2B logistics needs and order fulfillment services. Our team has a vast amount of experience and knowledge in handling all B2B logistics fulfillment and can help your with your ventures. Furthermore, we provide easy to follow online guides and manuals for our B2B system that is readily available whenever you need help. Do not let high amounts of B2B orders hold you back anymore - let us work with you to see how we can open up time in your end.

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